Colour Protection Shine Restoring Shampoo


The sulphate-free shampoo cleanses the hair particularly gently, protects the hair colour against fading and being washed out and provides long-lasting colour brilliance.

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You start to protect your hair colour the moment you wash it. It is important to ensure that the hair is freed from sebum and dirt without washing out any of the colour pigments deposited during colouring. This can only be achieved if the cuticle remains closed and is not roughened up, for example by overactive surfactants. With its sulphate-free, particularly gentle formulation, Shine Restoring Shampoo manages the balancing act between cleansing and colour protection. A copolymer obtained from sugar beets supplies the hair with revitalising moisture and smooths and seals the hair surface. An extract of sea kale provides strengthening protection against UV rays and heat while ensuring that the hair is easy to comb, shiny and soft at the same time. After washing, the colour pigments are firmly fixed in the hair, leaving your coloured hair protected against fading and full of vibrance and natural colour shine.


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