Structure Repaid Hydrating Drops


When used on their own or to intensify your existing hair care products, the innovative drops condition dry, stressed hair with an extra boost of moisture.

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Frequent heat styling or environmental influences dry out the hair and make it brittle. The clever Hydrating Drops provide tailored first aid for this problem. Drop by drop, they quench the thirst of dehydrated hair. Simply mixed with other hair care products or used on their own, the multifunctional drops intensify your hair care routine as a leave-in moisturiser. The combination of long-chain and short-chain hyaluronic acids with red sea grass acts like a true moisture miracle for dry, damaged and stressed hair. The hair structure is hydrated from within, and the cuticle is repaired so that the additional moisture remains safely sealed in the hair. Once supplied with rich moisture, the hair instantly gains elasticity and vibrant, radiant shine.


As leave-in care, apply the drops to towel-dried hair on their own and do not rinse out.As a care booster, add the drops to the hair mask or conditioner at a mixing ratio of 3:10 and mix well. After the processing time of the mask or conditioner, rinse out as usual.


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