Set Cheveux Longs


Volumising Spa Shampoo – 250ml


The Volumising Spa Shampoo was specially created for long, fine or lifeless hair, provides gentle cleansing and repairs minor damage while you are washing your hair. Volumising Spa Shampoo enrobes every single hair with its innovative anti-aging factor which strengthens long hair and protects it from aggressive environmental influences and thus from dehydration, particularly in the tips. The miracle for volume magically gives you perfectly conditioned hair with liveliness and dreamy, shiny body. The Cheveux Longs complex specially developed by La Biosthétique penetrates right through to the inside of the hair fibres where it develops its full force of highly effective care power. The scientifically proven results are more than convincing: Up to 80 percent less hair breakage, thanks to the Cheveux Longs complex. Up to 41 percent more softness, thanks to selected hyaluronic acid.

Detangling Spa Spray – 100ml


The unique hair care spray contains a powerful portion of active ingredients. A highly effective silk hydrolysate surrounds the aged lengths and tips and instantly and noticeably improves their structure. Fine oil from the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut, combined with a very high content of conditioning alpha linolenic acid and protective Vitamin E, surround the hair in silky softness. Annoying tangles are lastingly prevented and finally combs can gently glide through hair without any resistance. The hair is wonderfully smooth and shiny.

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Volumising Spa Shampoo:


Moisten hair, evenly distribute Volumising Spa Shampoo from the scalp to the tips, gently lather up and thoroughly rinse

Key Ingredients

  • Lipo amino acids: rebuild stressed hair
  • Hyaluronic acid: binds moisture, deeply penetrates the hair and replenishes the hair’s moisture reservoirs
  • Wheat peptides: repair damaged structures in the hair lengths
  • Keratin from natural wool: strengthens and protects the hair

Detangling Spa Spray:


Shake before use! After washing, spray Detangling Spa Spray into damp hair, gently detangle or comb the hair, leave on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse.

Key Ingredients

  • Highly effective silk hydrolysate: improves the structure of stressed lengths and tips
  • Peruvian Sacha inchi nut, alpha linolenic acid and Vitamin E: strengthen the lipid layer, give it resistance and shine and prevent tangles
  • Special moisture factors: make the hair soft and provide it with perfect stylability


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